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Here are some examples of our published work. Click on the cover images for more information about each title. Use the display filters (on the left, in grey) to select fiction/non-fiction titles, print/e-book titles, or combinations of these.

Cover image for The War to End All Wars

The War to End All Wars

Short stories set in World War One - various authors

Cover image for Rememeber Verona

Remember Verona

Gillian Saunders

An e-book novel.

Cover image for The Path of Stones

The Path of Stones

Gillian Saunders

An e-book novel.

Cover image for Naseby Hall

Naseby Hall

Gillian Saunders

An e-book novel.

Cover image for A Constant Magic

A Constant Magic

Gillian Saunders

An e-book novel.

Cover image for Dowsing: The Virtual Bridge

Dowsing: The Virtual Bridge

Nigel Twinn

A lively account of the author's experiences of dowsing.

Cover image for Flossie's Carbon Pawprint

Flossie's Carbon Pawprint

Gerry Cotter

A charming story for younger readers about a dog's desire to fly like the birds.

Cover image for Shower Gel

Shower Gel

Patricia Helen Robins

A guide to Inspirational Writing.

Cover image for A Sprig of Green

A Sprig of Green

Felicity Luckman

An E-Book novel.

Cover image for A Sober Moment

A Sober Moment

Gerard Jones

An inspirational account in poetry of the author's recovery from alcoholism.

Cover image for Immortal Love

Immortal Love

Felicity Luckman

Biography of The Reverand Robert Westall

Cover image for The Waterloo Collection

The Waterloo Collection

Short story collection

Published in combination with the 2011 Tavistock Music and Arts Festival.

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