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Publishing is changing.

The introduction of e-book readers and the rapid growth of e-book sales has profoundly changed the economics of publishing. Books no longer have to be printed. They no longer have to be stored, stocked on bookshop shelves, or shipped to readers by parcel post. We are at the frontier of a new age in publishing - one where is easier and cheaper for your work to be seen by a wide audience without the hassle and expense of printing in hard copy.

How can you take advantage of these changes to get your book in front of readers? Simple.

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We exist to help you get your book to your target market. We do this by offering a variety of services to hone your text until it is the best that it can be, then help you get it in front of the buying public, either as an e-book, as a traditionally printed book, as part of a website, or as a combination of these. We charge a fee for providing our services, just as you would expect any other professional to charge for their services.

Why not just go to a traditional publisher? They'll do it all for no up-front charge, and give you a small percentage of the sales they make. Well, if you're a guaranteed top-selling author, go ahead! But if you're not, you'll find it a difficult route to follow. Traditional publishers and agents do not have time to give attention to every manuscript they receive. Getting accepted is a lottery. Getting feedback is all but impossible.

It is our philosophy that it should be readers who decide if a book is worthy of publication, not publishers or agents. The e-book revolution has made this easier than ever before. If you've spent months writing a book, it makes sense to get it in front of readers to see if they like it. If they do, your writing career has a secure footing. And if they don't... well you tried. And that's why you spent so long writing your book in the first place, isn't it?

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"A publisher that genuinely cares about helping you to self-publish and showcase your work to help achieve its maximum impact... An exceptional standard of attention to detail and personal support."  —  Myfanwy Cook