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A Sober Moment

Gerard Jones

During his early years, Gerard Jones suffered from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. He became increasingly addicted to alcohol, which ruined his relationships with others and threatened his life. Haunted by the past, tortured by self-doubt, desperate for affirmation that his life was meaningful, he finally agreed to be admitted to a psychiatric unit for alcoholics. While there, he met two people – his ‘Angels’ – who would change his life for ever. With their help, he conquered his addiction and embarked on a new career, caring for those living in the same alcoholic hell.

During his long healing process, Gerard began to express the deep pain of his childhood and alcoholism through poetry. This movingly open and honest account of his tortured life and final redemption will make you cry and smile in equal measure.

Gerard wrote this book to share a message revealed to him, offering hope and a new freedom to live, laugh and dream once again.

Print Edition

77 pages, softbound, 235 x 156mm. 14 colour plates.

978-0-9567654-3-7    Recommended UK Price: £7.99

Published: March 2012

E-Book Edition

Amazon Kindle E-Book.

ASIN: B0088IBE06

ISBN: 978-0-9567654-4-4    Recommended UK Price: £3.00

Published: March 2012