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Sacred Music

Felicity Luckman

Francis, Baron Trenoweth, a young and impulsive student at Oxford University, little realises how his life will change when he accepts an invitation to visit Coneybury, the home of the Somervilles. There he discovers the spiritual beauty of the music of Henry Purcell, and the altogether different beauty of 17-year old Eleanor Somerville.

But this is England in the 1680s, when rumours of a Popish plot against the King are rife, and unknown to Francis, the Somervilles are Roman Catholics. Soon, Francis is suspected of colluding with the plotters, and his world turned upside down as he is drawn deeper and deeper into a deadly web of intrigue in which far more than his life is at stake...

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ISBN: 978-0-9567654-5-1    Recommended UK Price: £1.99

Published: July 2012