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Shower Gel

Patricia Helen Robins

This wonderful book is designed to encourage all seekers of truth to stand in the gentle flow of inspiration, and to record the pearls of comfort, wisdom, or understanding that flow into the quiet mind.

Patricia emphasises that to achieve this we do not need great psychic powers, nor is it necessary to possess polished writing skills. Anyone who can write a shopping list can record small gems of personal comfort - or large jewels of universal truths.

PatriciaTheory is backed up by numerous examples of the author's personal experiences, and interspersed with many of her inspirational poems.

Patricia has transformed her personal journey of discovery through inspirational writing, and offers this book as a support and guide to kindred searchers.  It isn't a formal 'how to do it' book, but an invitation to share her experiences and inspirational practices.

Print Edition

236 pages, softbound, 156 x 235mm. 6 full-colour plates and numerous sketches.

ISBN: 978-0-9567654-6-8    Recommended UK Price: £9.99

Published: September 2012

E-Book Edition

Amazon Kindle Fire E-Book.


ISBN: 978-0-9567654-7-5    Recommended UK Price: £3.24

Published: November 2012