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Working with us

We offer a complete range of services to suit the individual needs of our clients, from initial manuscript preparation through to marketing and sales support. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible customer care experience at prices which represent outstanding value for money.

If you have a project you would like us to help with, please contact us to request quotation for a customised solution matched to your precise needs. We will discuss your requirements in detail and send you a written proposal outlining the steps we believe appropriate to take and the amount you would pay. Any proposal we make is free and without any obligation on your part, so you have nothing to lose.

How to request a proposal

To request a proposal, simply go to the contact us page and submit a request through the enquiry button provided, or e-mail us directly at Tell us a little about your project - what type of book it is, what market you are aiming for, whether your book is complete or not, how many words it contains, what form of publication you are looking at, and so on. Make sure you tell us how to contact you! We will get in touch directly to discuss your requirement and put a proposal together. It's that easy!

Want an assessment of your writing?

An assessment is designed to give you feedback about the quality of your writing and (for fiction) storytelling. It is designed to give you feedback on the type of submission you would normally make to a traditional publisher, so if you have been submitting your work and getting rejection letters, but don't know why, this might be for you.

To request your assessment, just use our standard contact form, indicating in your message that you would like us to perform an assessment. We will get back to you to advise how best to send us the materials we require, and how you can make payment.