Kenneth Coningham


Kenneth Coningham is a figment of our collective imagnation, but had he lived, it would have been an interesting life.

The son of an Admiral, Kenneth learned to sail before he could walk. He had his own yacht by the age of 8, and thereafter spent his school vacations exploring the south coast of England. He won the Fastnet yacht race three years in succession while in his teens, before following his father's footsteps by joining the Navy, reaching the rank of Commodore and serving with distinction during the Falklands campaign.

Kenneth took up writing naval stories immediately after the Falklands war. His first novel, Bomb Alley , was inspired by his experiences serving on the Type 21 frigate HMS Ambivalent, which was seriously damaged when hit by an Argentinan bomb in Falkland Sound. Bomb Alley won the Conrad prize for best debut novel in 1984. Retiring from the Navy in 1986, Kenneth has gone on to write 8 novels in the Jack Dawe series, set in the age of sail, as well as several acclaimed works of non-fiction.

He lives in Barnstaple, England, with his wife Polly and cat Clancy.