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Solutions for Booksellers


We have developed an innovative cataloguing solution for specialist booksellers using our BMS (Bookshop Management System) database.

BMS is fully integerated with our website solutions, so changes made in the cataloguing system are reflected instantly in the website.

Click here for an overview of BMS.

Website Solutions

Our website solutions for booksellers can be integrated with BMS or other cataloguing solutions.

Our bookseller websites are database-driven, so the site always reflects the current status of stock and orders. Comprehensive browse tools, a custom shopping-cart and check-out facilities are included. The look and feel of each site, including browse tools and the shopping cart, can be custom-designed to the specific requirements of individual customers.

Our sites come with a comprehensive management component, allowing booksellers to manage mailing lists and generate promotional e-mails, set and re-set promotional pricing, and monitor user activity by user, date, title, or total items listed. Users can create accounts through which they can bookmark and buy items, check delivery progress, and set delivery address details.


We have delivered a complete website and cataloguing solution for Byass Rare Books, an antiquarian bookseller based in Bristol, England.