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Websites for Editors

An editor's website is a key marketing tool to promote products and interact with customers.

We offer a selection of site designs, from simple and inexpensive to more complex and custom designs, depending on your needs and expectations.

All of our sites are simple and clear to use, with attractive typography, clean graphics, and easy cross-page linking.


Simple Format

Simple format designs are the easiest, fastest and cheapest to develop. Consider this design solution if your needs are straightforward, or you need a solution to be implemented as quickly as possible. Our example (fictional) editorial company is Copycat Editorial Services , a small editorial bureau looking for a simple but distinctive web presence.

View the Copycat site      

Custom Format

Custom format designs are more complex to design than other formats, but benefit by being more closely tailored to your precise needs and supporting more stylish functionality, such as drop-down menus, multimedia content (video or audio) or dynamic graphics. We don't yet have an example of a custom format editorial services site, but watch this space!